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General Questions
What are the first steps in finding the right painting company?
Find several in your area and look closely at their histories. Word of mouth is a valuable tool in finding out what people’s experience has been with a company. Always ask for references and follow up on them; it’s worth doing the homework to find someone skilled and trustworthy.

How often does my house need painting?
For Exterior Painting: Maintenance is imperative to the life of the paint job. Keep in mind, your Eastern & Western exposures to the sun are generally the first areas to see fading, cracking, & peeling. We highly recommend that you have a highly qualified painting contractor inspect your home at least once a year.

For Interior Painting: Deep colors have a tendency to fade more quickly, so they need monitored more closely.

How often should I have my home pressure washed?
Once or twice a year will help maintain and prolong your professional paint. Keeping a clean surface, not only reduces the molds & mildews, but keeps your residential or commercial building looking it’s best.

What products are recommended for the following types of surfaces: Wood Trim, Cedar Shakes, Hardy Planks, Cypress Shakes, Cypress Siding, Cedar Siding, IPE Decks, Mahogany, Pressure Treated Wood, Stucco, Brick.
With over 30 years experience, Frank Leigh Painting, & Co. Inc, would recommend the best products to achieve the look and protection your surface needs.

When choosing paint color, what’s your best advice?
Decide on colors that work in harmony with your hardscapes and décor. To really know if you like certain colors, paint large mock-up areas and look at them in all lights throughout the day and in artificial light at night.